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The 99-year-old cyclist who has won a world silver medal

Featured in BBC News, 22 November 2021

Kenneth Judd may be 99-years-old, but he is a cycling tour de force.

The almost centenarian last month gained a silver medal in a global cycling competition that had more than 5,000 entrants.

To win second place Mr Judd pedalled 2,348 miles (3,779 km) over 26 days. That’s an average of more than 90 miles per 24 hours, a distance that many of us of a younger age couldn’t cycle in one day, let alone for another 25 in a row.

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En sykkeltur med store ambisjoner

Publisert av Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, august 2021

Kristi Magrete Sondresen varmer opp til sykkel-VM for eldre med en heftig oppvarmingstur, men hun er ikke så opptatt av plassering. Denne dama har høyere mål, nemlig å kaste rullatoren og besøke barnebarnet i Trondheim. Da må styrketrening til.

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Out of retirement: the care home seniors chasing global cycling glory

Featured in The Guardian, World. 2nd October 2020

Using static bikes and videos, residents compete for medals and are able to ‘travel’ to places old and new without leaving their chair.

Joy Small and Cathrine Myhr have never met, live in care homes 1,000 miles apart – but are challenging each other in a gripping sporting stand-off.

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A new spin on tackling the challenges of ageing

Featured in Health Tech World, 20 September 2020

Motitech, the Norwegian startup motivating older people and people with dementia to engage in physical activity, is holding a month-long global cycling championship for seniors.

The firm’s annual event, held in care homes across the globe, has added pertinence this year. Via Motiview, Motitech’s immersive video-based technology, participants are able to virtually travel and see the outside world at a time when most are unable to leave their accommodation or go outdoors for exercise.

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Combined forces land eldercare center in Stokmarknes a new Motitech bike

Featured in The Norwegian American. 10th January 2022.

More can see the world while exercising; Hadsel firefighters come to the rescue.

The pandemic has limited us from traveling, but the older people at Stokmarknes Day Care Center in Northern Norway above the Arctic Circle have been able to—but they needed help. 

“When we realized we could put some money on the table, it was important that we use it on some activity for all the people,” said Sten-Håvard Johannessen, unit manager Hadsel Fire and Rescue.

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Fire brigade Hadsel municipality
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Couple recreate Benidorm honeymoon virtually for 48th wedding anniversary

Featured in Metro.co.uk, 14 October 2021

Now living in a care home and unable to go abroad due to the pandemic, they were able to recreate that special trip using virtual technology on their anniversary.

The couple were able to cycle the sunny streets of the Spanish resort, all from the comfort of the care home in Eastbourne, East Sussex, where they live.

Doug, 80, and Jayne, 76, met at a disco in Chelmsford, Essex, in 1971, and were married within a year.

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